Our Partnership with Authenticateit™

How to check for product authenticity with Authenticateit

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inSight partners with traceability and authenticity verification technology provider Authenticateit creating a seamless solution for you to be confident in the products you use every day. Authenticateit is a smartphone application that empowers consumers with a fast and convenient way to check an item’s authenticity before purchase and monitors supply chain traceability. Together with our inSight product safety and quality checks, this sets an unprecedented level of transparency and protection for food products.

The 3 key benefits of Authenticateit are;

Instantly check for product authenticity - For all Authenticateit partnered brands, the app will quickly verify whether or not a product is genuine allowing you to be confident in the product you are about to buy. You also have the option to report any     questionable products to the company directly and help put a stop to counterfeits around the globe.

Product Recall - Authenticateit puts your safety first. When a recalled product is scanned by the smartphone app you will be informed of its recall message. If a product was recalled after your initial scan, a push notification will be generated to alert you   of the new product status.

Product 360o – Look up extra information, such as product specifications, instruction manual and handy tips from our partnered brands. Plus view product ratings, engage in promotional campaigns and provide feedback direct to the manufacturer.

Authenticateit is available on the following platforms;

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For brands considering product protection and traceability solutions please contact us for more information