Why the Need for inSight™?

inSight™ takes product assurances into the 21st century

inSight™ is a new brand developed by New Zealand Government owned AsureQuality, global experts in food safety and quality.

We know how important food safety and quality is to you.

We wanted a way that you could get independently verified information about a product, that would give you confidence in it before paying for it.

inSight™ makes sense because:

  • You want to know more about the food you are eating
  • Most official assurances can’t be used for product endorsement, so as consumers you don't see them
  • Your values and interests vary widely from animal welfare to safety, to product origin and the environment
  • There is no single mark out there at this point in time that addresses multiple concerns
  • There is not much space on product labels, so we needed a way that you could access information to help in choosing between products right there in the supermarket.

Disclaimer: AsureQuality inspects products, processes and samples, but does not check each individual branded item. While AsureQuality makes every effort to ensure that the information published on this website is accurate in respect of those inspections when first published, it gives no warranties and makes no representations in respect of individual branded items in the market