Frequently Asked Questions About inSight

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Read our most frequently asked questions below. If you require further help please don't hesitate to contact us.

How much will inSight™ cost?

Pricing consists of an application fee for rigorous supply chain review an verification, and an annual license fee (based on product volume and distribution territories). 

Given the diversity of products and supply chains, full quotations will be provided at time of proposal.

Can I promote something about my product or company that isn't listed on your list of features?

inSight™ can accommodate any features and achievements that producers can demonstrate and which can be verified as accurate and credible. Our list of features is a guide only. Acceptability of any specific criteria will be judged case by case by AsureQuality. All applicants are encouraged to put forward all their credentials.

Is inSight™ saying that this product is ‘better’ than its competitors?

No. inSight™ reflects an evaluation and verification of credentials achieved by the producer that show the producer’s intent to meet certain standards. inSight™ provides verified information that allows the customer to make their own judgement.

Will inSight™ be on every product?

No, it will only be available for those products that have undergone rigorous evaluation and have subsequently been granted an inSight™ licence by AsureQuality.

How much information is required to satisfy inSight™  application requirements?

The application process provides prompts as to information that is needed to support the application. It is important that detailed information about the full product supply chain (from ingredients through processing and/or manfacturing, transport, distribution and retail) be outlined within the application for assessment. Where possible, each product claim made within the application should be supported by documented evidence e.g. a certificate or report. The licensing team at AsureQuality encourages you to supply as much information as possible.

How long does it take to become licensed with inSight™?

This will depend on how long it takes the applicant to supply all the required information in order to make an assessment, and how much AsureQuality assessment time is involved for each product. As an estimate please allow up to seven weeks.

What languages can be displayed on the inSight™ website?

inSight™ product pages can be created in all languages.

Is inSight™ a mobile app?

No. Anyone with a QR barcode reader on their mobile phone or internet access on their web browsing device (tablet, laptop, PC) can access inSight™ via scan through or via the website: inSight™ is responsive, which means that it can detect the size of the screen it is being viewed on and will be presented to the user in a size that fits their screen.