Your Brand & inSight™ Working Together

inSight™ is a secondary brand designed to provide shoppers with independent information about the products they are about to buy.

After a successful application process, customers like you can place the inSight™ logo and a QR code on your product packaging.

Shoppers can then scan the QR code at the point of sale to access information about your product that has been independently verified by AsureQuality.

Benefits of inSight™

  • It demonstrates proof of independent verification of your product’s characteristics
  • It creates trust for consumers by showing transparency, integrity and safety
  • The inSight™ brand gives a point of difference on the supermarket shelf, which protects and adds value to your brand
  • Shoppers can make informed purchase decisions in line with their values, and your brand equity will grow by directly relating to consumer values
  • It will provide leverage for your investment in your existing quality control and assurance activities
  • AsureQuality is a NZ Government-owned Certification Body

How does it work?

When a consumer sees the inSight™ logo on a product, they can use their smartphone to scan the QR code and get access to independently verified information about your products.

  1. Step 1Scan the inSight QR code on our verified products
  2. Arrow Right
  3. Step 2You'll be directed to the product detail page
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  5. Step 3View the rigorous checks we've conducted

Features of inSight™

inSight™ will connect your product with consumer values relevant to your target market. AsureQuality will verify credible features of your product or company that resonate with the values of your customers. Common features that can be promoted through inSight™ include, but are not limited to:

  • Environmental
  • Social and Ethical
  • Nutrition
  • Origin
  • Security
  • Food Safety
  • Quality Assurance
  • Credibility

inSight™ takes product assurances into the 21st century

inSight™ is a new brand developed by New Zealand Government owned AsureQuality, global experts in food safety and quality.

We know how important food safety and quality is to you and your customers.

We wanted a way that you could give them independently verified information about your products, giving them confidence before purchasing.

inSight™ makes sense because:

  • Your customers want to know more about the food they are eating
  • Most official assurances can’t be used for product endorsement, so your customers can't see them
  • Your customers values and interests vary widely from animal welfare to safety, to product origin and the environment
  • There is no single mark out there at this point in time that addresses multiple concerns
  • There are alot of products on supermarket shelves and access to independently verified information via the inSight™ website provides a competitive point of difference for customers.

inSight™ Components

  • Application process involves a comprehensive review of your supply chain both up and downstream
  • The QR barcode on your product will link directly to the inSight™ webpage featuring your product, allowing information to be instantly available via mobile technology
  • Impartial, credible and single source of information via inSight™ website including independent verification of product characteristics

Anti-counterfeit protection and supply chain traceability

Authenticateit Logo

Together with our partner Authenticateit™, inSight™ provides you with a unique solution to protect your products from counterfeiters and unauthorised distribution. With the consumer accessible app, your customers can scan each product’s unique code to view traceability information, be alerted to counterfeits and be rewarded for engaging with marketing content.

More information is available on our Authenticateit™ introductory page.